In all emotional and spiritual possibilities that live within you and in your new world, near you and away from you, and certainly in your studio, the place where you communicate with your dreams, the new conditions of life away from your memory cabinet of pain, disappointments, love, silence and contradictions, in all these possibilities you are looking for your soul and your heart, with a little bit of oxygen. But you cannot find anything. What happens when anxiety dwells into the rest of the form and details of your life, in what is close and what is far away, in your dreams and your silence and in your movement and communication with others, in your senses and your concerns and moods? What happens when you feel you are getting lost in a dark tunnel where you do not know its beginning or end? Swinging between the details and conditions of different existences. Moving from one place to another in your head without arriving anywhere. From a land where trees do not sprout and where the sun does not rise, a land of terror and destruction, desolate and lost, no air, no oxygen, no seasons, no water, no flowers. A land without perspectives nor rivers. You only talk to yourself with your fingers and are struggling with the fast hours of your day without time for even some of your big dreams. You always appear with a broken mood, as if you were sick of schizophrenia, your words arranged without success and when you feel that you are coherent and clear, your thoughts seem to be cold clouds, loaded with negative charges, without water, as if they are objects with distorted faces, afraid of suffering from phobia, objects with a sharp temper that seem to suffer and suffocate. This spiralling spiritual pattern, woven from visions and apprehensions gets control over you. Day after day, hour by hour, dream after dream.